About Paige

Hi everyone and welcome to All About Designing. Designing has been a passion of mine ever since I was exposed on actual Interior Designing projects. I admire all the things about it and it makes art more colorful and meaningful especially when we appreciate it more.

I am currently studying at an Interior Designing University and I put all my efforts to become successful in this field. Over the years, I’ve learned about Interior Designing only on my own but that doesn’t mean I’m already expert with it, I would just like to share it with you guys as well.

A Little Story About My Interior Designing Life.

During my teenage life, my cousin is already a licensed interior designer and I am always the one who’s with her while she’s doing Interior Design works on site. I appreciate her works and portfolio. And as time goes by, I decided that I wanted to be like her.

I have read a lot of articles regarding the competition in the Interior Designing world, but despite all of that, I still look forward in my abilities and continue to learn new things about it.