What are the artificial lights that can possibly change the colors inside your house?

On my previous blog, it talked about artificial lights, let’s get to know as well some of them with a brief explanation on how it is connected to the colors that you will be choosing to your house.

1. Fluorescent light, as discussed, it creates a bluish form of light that can make a certain color distort. And some of the colors, fluorescent light can make it more highlighted.

2. Incandescent light, this is the standard light bulb we normally used in chandeliers and some of the bulbs we use in our home.

3. Halogen light, another latest type of incandescent bulb, that is white and closest to natural sunlight. Of all three of bulbs, halogen is the most real and reflects the true desired color.

If there are any questions about these artificial lights, feel free to comment down below. Thank you for reading!

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