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Interior Designing is not an easy job but everyone can learn basic knowledge about it and you can be the Interior Designer of your own house or even to your relatives. Since arts contribute a huge factor on interior designing, you have the freedom to create your own design and style but keep in mind that there are several principles and rules we should follow to have a better outcome.

Much of the content that I’m going to discuss here is going to be centered around improving your insights with underlying focus always on imagining or digging in the bigger picture or the whole picture of the design you wanted to create.

They Say Knowledge and Experience, Leads to Better Result.

The two important things we should know in Interior Designing are: we gained the knowledge then apply it and that’s the only time it will create experiences. Although we knew that, not all the time on our first try we immediately get the outcome we wanted, but it gives us lessons and those make us more concrete in making decisions in the future.

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What are the artificial lights that can possibly change the colors inside your house?

On my previous blog, it talked about artificial lights, let’s get to know as well some of them with a brief explanation on how it is connected to the colors that you will be choosing to your house. 1. Fluorescent light, as discussed, it creates a bluish form of light that can make a certain …

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